Acciaierie d’Italia strikes steel, wind energy exchange partnership

Acciaierie d’Italia (ADI) is partnering with Falck Renewables and BlueFloat Energy to boost its use of renewable energy and optimise consumption. The firms have signed a letter of intent that will trigger a roundtable discussion about possible collaborations and synergies, a source close to the company confirms.

ADI will supply steel and other materials for the construction of floating offshore platforms for wind farms developed by a joint partnership between Falck Renewables and BlueFloat Energy. The two energy companies will return the favour by supplying renewable energy and green hydrogen for steelmaking, Kallanish notes.

Falck Renewables has vowed to help ADI build a photovoltaic infrastructure within the Taranto steelmaking facility and on the company’s land outside the plant. The partners plan to create a consortium that will involve other industrial partners and research centres. Their mission is to accelerate the use of renewable electricity for energy-intensive sectors and to develop a value chain for wind farm components production in Apulia, southern Italy.

ADI has set a production target of 4 million tonnes in 2023 and 5mt in 2024. This year, it will start revamping blast furnace no.5, which has been idled for many years. The company is planning to boost its circular economy, desalinate water at its Taranto facility and recover all by-products that can be reused within the steelmaking process but also by other industries (see Kallanish passim).

With its new decree, “Urgent Measures for Strategic National Installations”, the Italian government recently approved the injection of €1 billion ($1.09 billion) into the troubled steel producer. The funds, which will help state company Invitalia to become the majority shareholder in 2024, will also ensure the industrial development of Taranto, employment guarantees and production targets higher than those achieved by Acciaierie d’Italia in the last two years.

Natalia Capra France