Blastr explores pellet plant site in Norway

Blastr Green Steel has signed a letter of intent for an alternative location for its pellet plant to supply feedstock to its ultra-low CO2 steel plant being developed in Inkoo, Finland.

Blastr has selected Lutelandet industrial area on the west coast of Norway, as a potential location to be developed for the company’s pellet plant. The LOI includes an area sublease agreement between Blastr and Lutelandet Offshore Site & Drydock (LLOF), which develops and manages the Lutelandet industrial site and port. The LOI also covers a cooperation between Blastr and Htwo-Fuel to secure grid and power capacity. Established in 2021, HTWO-Fuel AS aims to make hydrogen available as fuel for maritime shipping traffic along the west coast of Norway and produce green ammonia.

The plant will employ around 120 people and generate a substantial number of indirect jobs and economic activity in the surrounding area, Kallanish learns from the Finnish start-up.

Blastr says the pellet plant is a key part of its integrated green steel value chain which has the potential to deliver more than 90% reduction of Scope 1-3 C0₂ emissions compared to conventional steelmaking.

“Lutelandet is a highly attractive site for the production of feedstock to our steel plant with industrial infrastructure already in place, access to a North Sea deepwater port, and clean renewable energy from hydropower and nearby wind farms,” says Hans Fredrik Wittusen, ceo of Blastr Green Steel.

Christian Koehl Germany