Blastr launches environmental impact assessment

Blastr Green Steel has seen the launch of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) procedure for its plant in Inkoo, Finland, Kallanish hears from the Norway-based greenfield venture.

The EIA programme is currently on public display for comments until 19 September. Until then, authorities as well as local residents, associations and other interested stakeholders can participate in the procedure by providing formal feedback to the coordinating authority, the Uusimaa Regional Development Centre.

“The preparation of the EIA programme has been a huge task, involving a wide range of experts from different fields. We have discussed the content extensively with various authorities, local organisations and other stakeholders, and taken their feedback into account in it,” says Antti Kaikkonen, managing director of Blastr.

The EIA programme forms the basis for the actual impact assessment, which is due to be completed in spring 2024. “Engineering is going forward, and the pre-feasibility studies are nearing completion. We aim to select next-phase engineering partners and suppliers for the steel plant and the hydrogen facility during the next months,” Kaikkonen continues.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the company informs Kallanish that the mill will eventually need 7-10 TWh of CO2-free power to produce hydrogen and make ultra-low-carbon steel. Natural gas, or later possibly biogas, is used to add carbon content to steel (1-2%) and for drying in certain process phases, he notes.

Christian Koehl Germany