‘Blunt’ scrap export restrictions ruled out, says Eurofer

European steelmakers’ association Eurofer says “blunt” trade measures to restrict scrap exports from Europe are not on the table, but a review is ongoing at EU level on how to address scrap trade.

Karl Tachelet, director of international relations and external affairs at Eurofer, notes the European Commission considers export restrictions taboo, in general. A straight forward export ban is therefore not on the agenda.

Nevertheless, Tachelet says a review is taking place, particularly as scrap remains the most important raw material sourced domestically in Europe. The main concern being discussed is related to how scrap should be considered; if it is indeed waste, then further regulations should be implemented.

In recent months many in the steel sector have pointed to the possibility of Europe limiting scrap exports. Some steelmakers are lobbying for this, but formal changes to the current situation are still to be announced.

In 2019 Europe exported a record level of some 21.8 million tonnes of scrap, while imports during the same year reached 2.8mt, Kallanish notes.

Emanuele Norsa Italy