Celsa boosts recycling activity

Spanish steelmaker Celsa Group says it has become the leading recycler in Spain and the second-largest in Europe, Kallanish learns from the company’s latest sustainability report.

Celsa melted 7.01 million tonnes of ferrous scrap to produce almost 6.6mt of long steel in 2021. The group also recycled 73,000t of non-ferrous metals, 860t of plastics and more than 2.6mt of co-products.

According to the report, 96.5% of Celsa’s long products are made of recycled steel, while the steelmaker recovered 94% of the total waste generated in its processes. Another important achievement for the company is that it reduced water consumption by around 40% and also avoided the emission of 12mt of CO2.

“Since the beginning of our decarbonisation plan in 2015, we reduced almost 22% of CO2 emissions from our production plants,” Celsa observes. “In 2021, these reached 263 kg per tonne or 36.8% below the average for the European Union steel sector.”

The company’s target is to reach 98% circularity by 2030 and become a completely circular and zero waste company in 2050.

Todor Kirkov Bulgaria