Chinese surge lifts global steel output in July

Global crude steel output increased 6.6% on-year in July to 158.5 million tonnes, as Chinese output surged and US production remained stable, Kallanish notes from worldsteel data. It was however down 0.5% on June.

Chinese steel output was up 11.5% on-year in July to 90.8mt, while Indian output grew 14% to 11.48mt. Japanese output was up 1% to 7.39mt but South Korean production fell 9% to 5.7mt. Compared to June, however, Chinese output was slightly down.

EU27 output dropped 7% on-year in July to 10.3mt, with German output down 0.5% to 2.96mt but Italian production estimated up 2.8% to 1.65mt. Spanish and French output were both estimated to have fallen. EU output also fell 2% versus June.

Turkish production rose 6% to 2.89mt.

US production inched up 0.5% to 6.95mt, but Brazilian output fell 4.7% to 2.7mt.

Russian output is estimated to have risen 5.8% in July to 6.3mt.

Crude steel output in the 63 countries monitored by worldsteel was thus flat on-year in January-July at 1.103 billion tonnes.

Adam Smith Poland