Commission takes action against circumvention of anti-dumping duties on Chinese aluminium foil

Based on evidence of circumvention, the Commission has today extended the anti-dumping duties on aluminium household foils from China to apply also to imports from Thailand.

This follows a thorough investigation which revealed a significant increase of imports into the EU of aluminium household foil from Thailand. The investigation confirmed that Chinese aluminium foil producers were exporting parts of the product subject to EU anti-dumping duties to Thailand where it was subject to minor assembly operations before the final product was re-exported to the EU. By using another country to export from, the exporting Chinese companies evaded the up to 35 % anti-dumping duty on aluminium foil imported. The duties on imports from Thailand will apply from 21 December 2020 onwards and will be collected retroactively.

This aluminium product is an important consumer good in the EU market with a market value of €550 million, and EU production of aluminium foil is spread over 12 Member States. The anti-dumping duties in force on the import of aluminium foil from China into the EU serve to offset the price advantage caused by the unfair trading practice of dumping. The extension of the anti-dumping duties to imports from Thailand demonstrates that the Commission is fighting unfair trade in all of its forms, including circumvention of duties.

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