Eurofer calls for fair EU/UK negotiations over Brexit

The European steelmakers’ association, Eurofer, has called for Europe and the UK to negotiate a deal regarding Brexit that is “… fair, reciprocal and frictionless.”

In a note sent to Kallanish, Eurofer says that negotiations on the future relationship between Europe and the UK are starting this week. “We welcome the official start of the negotiations, given the importance of protecting the prosperity of citizens and businesses on both sides of the channel,” says Eurofer director general Axel Eggert. “While each side rightly wants to defend its regulatory autonomy, a deal that ensures EU and UK trade interactions are fair, reciprocal and frictionless is essential.”

European steelmakers are convinced that maintaining a level playing field should be the leading principle in this negotiation. Both entities involved should ensure continuity of a series of actions, Eurofer says. These include logistical procedures, mutual market access and alignment of standards on state aid, competition policy, state-owned enterprises, employment, environment, climate change, tax matters and other regulatory measures.

“No deal would be the worst possible outcome – erecting barriers to trade overnight that would be needlessly damaging,” Eggert concludes.