EUROMETAL met French distributors in Metz

EUROMETAL was present at the FFDM 2023 Convention in the French city of Metz.

The XVI Convention took place in the Metz Arsenal, a former military building intended for the storage of weapons and ammunition for the Metz garrison.

On Friday, we were welcomed by the Mayor of Metz, François Grosdidier. The day’s program took place under the theme: “Make way for Humans!”.

In an innovative era, where each year gives rise to revolutions, starting with the explosion of Artificial Intelligence, the FFDM draws attention to the place of humans in our society and in our businesses, without forgetting the problems in attracting young generations to an industry which is not always the most attractive.

The day before was devoted to visits to industrial sites in a region, Lorraine, in which Metallurgy has an important place: ArcelorMittal Lexy, Saint Gobain Pont-à-Mousson and Saarstahl Rail.