European Commission appoints its first Chief Trade Enforcement Officer

The European Commission has appointed Mr Denis Redonnet to the function of Deputy Director-General in the Directorate-General for Trade (DG TRADE) which encompasses the new role of Chief Trade Enforcement Officer (CTEO).

The appointment of the CTEO is an important step in strengthening the EU’s implementation and enforcement agenda, both inside the EU and globally. The CTEO will also help EU exporters gain more value from partner markets and will also strengthen the enforcement of sustainable development commitments, notably in relation to the climate agenda and labour rights.

Commissioner for Trade, Phil Hogan said, “I warmly welcome the appointment of Denis Redonnet to this important position. He brings with him considerable experience which I am sure he will use to great effect. This appointment is a statement of the Commission’s commitment to the enforcement and implementation of our trade agreements. As well as ensuring that our partners deliver fully on their commitments, the CTEO will be crucially important in relation to ensuring that our SMEs, which are the backbone of the European economy, get maximum value from our trade deals.”

Today’s appointment also delivers on the commitment of President von der Leyen who, in her Mission Letter to Commissioner Hogan, said that “The College will appoint a Chief Trade Enforcement Officer to work under your direct guidance to monitor and improve the compliance of our trade agreements. He or she will report regularly on the state of play and keep the European Parliament and the Council abreast of all developments.”

Denis Redonnet, a French national, is currently the Director for “WTO, Legal Affairs and Trade in Goods” in DG Trade. Previously he headed the WTO division and the Strategy division of this DG. Before that, he served as Deputy Head of Cabinet to the EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson and advisor to EU Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy. Over the course of his career at the European Commission, he has held positions in DGs dealing with monetary, international economic affairs and the internal market. He is an economist by training, and started his career as a corporate banker for a French bank in the city of London. The date of effect of this appointment will be determined later.

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