Former Scholz Edelstahl/AIMD becomes Gabo Stahl

Scholz Edelstahl, the distribution company that used to be part of southern German recycling group Scholz AG, has changed owners again, and now runs under Gabo Stahl.

The distributor of speciality long products headquartered in Essingen, with a branch in Dortmund, was spun off over three years ago from the ailing Scholz AG, before the parent went insolvent. It was kept secret for quite a while who the new owners were, until Mumbai-based automotive supplier Amtek was revealed, as Kallanish reported then.

Scholz Edelstahl, then renamed to AIMD, was one of several companies Amtek had acquired in Germany. Others included steel distributors HAPU in Essingen, Droste Stahlhandel in Bochum, and OWZ in Aalen. However, due to difficulties at two automotive supply companies, the Indian parent sold its German assets last year.

The new owner is former Goldman Sachs consultant Stefan Laucher, who took over all steel distribution activities plus heat treatment firm WTL and materials testing firm SRT. The change of ownership triggered changes in the management. Kunal Sabharwal und Anubhav Dham, Manfred Vogel, and Ole Josat left the company, with only finance chief Carl-Heinz Schütte remaining. New on board came Thorsten Meier, formerly buyer of steel distributors Günter + Schramm, VRW, and Stahl Dewald.

Now renamed to Gabo Stahl, the former Scholz Edelstahl and its units employ 180 staff, and hold an inventory of 100,000 tonnes.