French, Benelux scrap prices increase

French and Benelux scrap prices are increasing this month, as expected, by €15-30/tonne ($16-32) depending on each mill’s different needs. Values are supported by strong international price levels and good export of containerised scrap towards India and Northern Africa at high prices. This is also supporting German values, sources tell Kallanish.

The European market and the current increases are said to be contradictory, however, and not in line with declining consumption and low sales of the finished long and flat products.

This month in the French and Benelux area, prices are mostly in line across the market with some mild fluctuations. E40 has reached €350-355/t delivered and E8 is at €350-360/t but €330/t for those mills that bought small tonnages of this grade. Demolition E3 is at €330-340/t while the lower E1C quality is fetching between €305-310/t delivered, sources suggest.

Natalia Capra France