Galloo partners with Stellantis for vehicles recycling

Stellantis is partnering with scrap merchant Galloo to boost the automaker’s end-of-life Vehicle (ELVs) recycling, Kallanish notes.

The firms will create a joint venture to collect and recycle ELVs initially in France, Belgium and Luxembourg, working with selected Authorised Treatment Facilities. The new company will be operative at the end of this year, offering its services to other automakers and eventually expanding its scope to other European countries.

This will “make it easy for customers to recycle their End-of-Life Vehicles,” a joint note says. “Returning parts and materials to the value chain preserves scarce resources.” The aim of the project is to accelerate Stellantis’s circular economy.

Galloo already collaborates for ELVs collection and scrapping with Peugeot and Citroën. It recycles over 1 million tonnes/year of steel and about 60,000t of other metals.

Stellantis, whose Circular Economy Business Unit’s strategy is “reman, repair, reuse, recycle” expects a ten-fold increase in its recycling revenue and a four-fold increase in its scrapping parts revenue by 2030. The company is targeting more than €2 billion ($2.1 billion) in recycling turnover by the end of this decade.

Natalia Capra France