Gestamp launches new hot stamping line at Levante

Gestamp, the Spanish automotive industry supplier, has started operations at its second hot-stamping plant in Almussafes, Valencia, Kallanish learns from the company.

The project was supported by the regional government, Generalitat Valenciana, with an investment of €3.1 million ($3.4m) as part of its program for environmental sustainability and research and development promotion.

“Hot stamping is one of the solutions that allow manufacturers to reduce the weight of the body in white structure, resulting in reduced emissions,” Gestamp explains. “In addition, the hot stamping process improves the vehicle’s behaviour in case of collision and contributes to passenger safety.”

Gestamp Levante is the only factory in the Valencian region that has hot stamping technology. In addition, the company has improved its welding facilities for large assemblies. The company supplies vast welded and body-in-white parts to Ford’s Almussafes plant, which it communicates directly through a tunnel system, Gestamp adds.