Green Steel initiative encourages partners’ decarbonisation: Swiss Steel

Swiss Steel Group (SSG) has come up with a white paper for its Green Steel initiative for ecologically produced low-emission steel.

Green Steel is thus not only a tool that helps reduce emissions, it is also intended to help customers and partners and encourage them to do more to mitigate climate change,” the group states.

The tasks of SSG’s production sites and scientific labs are thus massively expanded with Green Steel, Kallanish understands. Green Steel makes them platforms of technology, experimentation, and innovation whose horizon and impact extends far beyond the steel industry, the steelmaker declares.

Steel as a material contains a very high percentage of what is known as “embodied energy” that is part of almost every product and many services, the company writes. “Embodied energy is the ‘gorilla in the room’, the monster that no one wants to see.”

Its white paper is divided into Scope 1: Hydrogen instead of natural gas; Scope 2: Green power instead of embodied energy; Scope 3: High-alloyed scrap instead of alloying metals. It further deals with worthless waste heat as a resource and costly traction energy, Green Steel as a research and technology platform, and as a signal for other industries.

Christian Koehl Germany