Hydnum Steel to build Spanish green steel mill

Spain’s Hydnum Steel (HS) is planning to build the first green steel mill on the Iberian Peninsula, Kallanish notes. The project, which is a partnership made up of the Helvella investment company, Siemens, ABEI Energy and Russula Corporation, will be located in Puertollano in the Castilla-La Mancha region. “The facility will be designed from the ground up to use non-fossil energy throughout the manufacturing process, thus, it will gradually incorporate green hydrogen into the production process with the aim of substantially reducing CO2 emissions,” HS explains.

HS will be highly efficient, automated and safe through the use of new technological developments in digitization and artificial intelligence. “Production will be in line with the sustainable development objectives in the steel sector and the circular economy, recycling scrap as raw material, minimizing the use of water and valuing the waste and by-products generated during the manufacturing processes,” HS confirms.

As the technology partner, Siemens will provide digital solutions related to the design, manufacturing and maintenance phases of the plant.

ABEI Energy’s contribution will be focused on the production of green hydrogen and will also develop renewable projects on the use of photovoltaic technology and wind power. Service supplier Russula will be responsible for the engineering and full automation of the plant.

The facility will occupy an area of 1.3 million square metres. The project is valued at €1 billion and will create 400 direct jobs. During the first phase of development, HS estimates to invest €600 million. The plant is expected to be operational in 2026 in order for the company to access European funding.

Todor Kirkov Bulgaria