Italian car output continues to hike

Italian passenger car output confirmed its upward trend in May, like many other European countries, Kallanish notes from local carmakers’ association Associazione Nazionale Filiera Industria Automobilistica (Anfia) preliminary data.

Italian car production increased year-on-year by 8.7% on-year in May to 53,907 units, and by 12.9% on-year to 237,801 cars in the first five months of the year. By comparison, Spanish car output increased in May by 23.5% to 197,422 cars and by 13.2% to 843,361 units in January-May. German output skyrocketed by 25% to 380,100 units and by 32% to 1.8 million cars in the first five months. The UK also recorded increases, of 26.9% to 79,046 cars in May and 10.7% to 365,401 units in January-May, Anfia reveals.

Italian passenger car output hiked 6.6% y-o-y in full-year 2022 to 473,149 units. In 2021, Anfia registered 442,432 units produced in the country, and 451,718 units in 2020.

Italy has 23 car production plants. Spain has 17 plants, France 31 and Germany 42.

“The automotive production sector is placed in the context of an overall Italian industrial production decline compared to last year’s levels: in May 2023, in fact, the industrial production index as a whole closed down 3.7% compared to May 2022 and decreased by 3.1% in the first five months of the current year compared to the same period in 2022,” Anfia says quoting data from national statistics institute ISTAT.

Local service centres, re-rollers and coil producers continue to report improved demand from the automotive sector, particularly in Germany, but a continued order contraction from other sectors.

Natalia Capra France