Let’s talk about the future 2021

The 2021 event organized the 21 October by Tata Steel discussed the developments in steel markets during 2021 and what the implications might be in industry sectors.

Experts highlighted the challenges and opportunities these recent market developments provide for the industry:

In steel and its markets, what have been the biggest learnings from 2021? What should we now expect to see in the automotive industry, engineering and in construction over the short, medium and long term?

Sustainability: Steel will play a key role in creating a more sustainable society. Will price trends facilitate the industry to make the necessary investments to address the carbon challenge? 

Digitalisation: Processes are becoming automated creating time for value added activities. Will this mean a more efficient supply chain and how will doing business be made easier? 

Technology: We will focus specifically on the EV battery segment, gigafactory growth and the opportunities and challenges this might present industry.

The event had over 200 guests joining from around the world with wide representation from a broad range of steel-using industries.

All of the event is available to watch now on the Tata Steel YouTube page in the Let’s talk about the future playlist