Longs, tubes fill EU safeguard quotas quickest

Almost one month since new tariff-free quotas for EU imports became available, long and tubular products have registered the largest uptake, Kallanish learns from official data and a note from British stockholder association NASS.

Gas pipe and hollow sections imports have already used some 60% of EU quotas, with those specifically assigned to Turkey and Russia already fully exhausted. 

In the longs segment, EU quotas have been fully used for Russian rebar as well as Russian and Turkish merchant bar and light sections. Turkish rebar quotas are approximately 80% filled.

In the flats sector, on the other hand, most quotas remain available, with the exception of organic coated sheet from the “other countries” group. For hot rolled coil, only Indian-origin quotas – at over 80% – are close to being filled.

On the other side of the Channel, in the UK, the system to calculate the usage of the UK’s new safeguard measures in place following Brexit is still not active. It is understood that quotas for hollow sections from Turkey and “other countries” have already been exhausted, similarly to what has been registered in the EU.