Outokumpu provides product carbon footprint data

Outokumpu has started providing for its customers specific carbon footprint data on products made at its European mills. The company is believed to be the first stainless steel supplier to provide such data, in a bid to help clients further reduce carbon emissions, Kallanish notes.

“When customers are paying more attention to cutting down emissions, they are asking more specific information about the carbon footprint for each product and solution,” says Stefan Erdmann, chief technology officer and group sustainability at Outokumpu. “We are happy to be the first stainless steel producer to provide the information for products produced in our mills in Europe. Now customers can utilise the data to calculate the product carbon footprints of their products and provide more sustainable solutions to the market.”

The model used by the company is based on continuous follow-up of production data. This also brings full transparency to the company’s carbon footprint reduction efforts.

“Today, many companies are calculating and reporting direct and indirect emissions, but there is a growing need to reduce all other indirect emissions from a company’s value chain. To calculate the complete CO2 emissions down the supply chain it is essential to know the CO2 impact of the pre-material – and that’s why the product-specific information is needed,” the company adds.

Emanuele Norsa Italy