Outokumpu’s German CR mill idled after flood

Outokumpu’s German cold rolling mill in Dahlerbrück will remain out of operation for several more weeks after it was hit by the heavy rains last month.

“The impact in Outokumpu is limited to our cold rolling mill in Dahlerbrück, which saw water ingress into the operating lines, and the operations remain down temporarily,” Outokumpu says in a statement. “We expect that it will take at least until the end of September to start the production in Dahlerbrück again,” Kallanish is told by a company spokeswoman.

The Dahlerbrück CR mill produces precision strip, employs some 160 people and represents less than 1% of Outokumpu’s total production.

Operations at the group’s service centres and other German sites in Krefeld and Dillenburg were uninterrupted. “While our damage assessment remains ongoing, the recovery of the plant is already well underway. We are transferring quotas to other mills and doing our best to mitigate the impact on customer deliveries,” the company says.

Christian Koehl Germany