Plan, control and implement orders digitally with the Order Manager

Kaltenbach.SolutionsGmbH has developed a comprehensive browser-based industry solution for the manufacturing industry. The “Order Manager” module is part of the “Steelsuite” platform, which enables companies from the steel processing, steel trade and mechanical engineering sectors to successfully enter the digital transformation. The hardware, including the software modules, can be easily implemented on new plants as well as on existing machines from all manufacturers. The “Order Manager” then displays the current processing status of all orders in real time and thus facilitates transparent and efficient order control.

The heart of the “Steelsuite” industry platform from Kaltenbach.Solutions is the central order overview with the “Order Manager” module. Here you have an overview of all order information. The user interface has been designed so simply and clearly that it can be operated intuitively, regardless of the language of the workers. All customer orders are imported via an ERP interface and automatically adjusted in the event of changes. If an order is already being processed, a warning message appears and it is automatically deactivated. The processing itself takes place in three steps: Planning, releasing and converting.

Operators of the machine see jobs that have been released on their handhelds. Only when a step is completed does the job appear at the next workstation. This reduces complexity and promotes concentration on the current work step. On the shop floor level, only one click on the screen is required to trigger a function. This means that the system can be fully operated after only a brief introduction on the shop floor. The sales department can also see where the current orders are at the touch of a button. Since a digital image of real processes is made available online, time-consuming queries and research are no longer necessary.

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KALTENBACH.SOLUTIONS GmbH strives for long-term cooperation with both the processing industry and machine manufacturers and has set itself the goal of becoming a preferred partner. As a full-service provider with decades of experience in the steel industry, it develops innovative web- and AI-based industry solutions to improve performance in the area of operations. Thanks to its in-depth expertise, KALTENBACH.SOLUTIONS has succeeded in linking the world of machines and plants with the digital world. This unique link guarantees measurable success for customers worldwide and creates sustainable added value.

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