Renault shutters more plants

French carmaker Renault has decided to stop production at more plants around the world amid the spread of Covid-19, a source at the company tells Kallanish.

In Turkey, “…by also considering the disruptions in the global supply chain processes we gradually and temporarily suspend most of our operations as of 26 March… in Oyak Renault Automobile Factories,” Renault says. “The production resumption date will be shared again according to the developments in the country and the world.”

The company has also shut down production in Latin America until further notice, depending on the evolution of the virus situation. The plants of Santa Isabel in Cordoba, Argentina, the four sites at Curitiba in Brazil, Envigado in Colombia and Cormecanica in Los Andes, Chile will all be idled starting 26 March.

From 16 March Renault shut down its 12 plants in France, Spain, Slovenia, Morocco and Portugal.