Schuler aims to tackle increasing metalforming cyber attacks

Schuler says it has developed various solutions for effective protection against cyberattacks, Kallanish hears from the German sheet press equipment maker, a subsidiary of plantbuilder Andritz. This comes amid increasing cyber attack cases at metalworking companies, it says.

The system has been developed with partner company Otorio and will be marketed under the name “Cyber Security Check” against theft, damage, and production downtime.

Schuler and Otorio are offering to initially conduct an inventory of equipment and the entire production network, with an eye on holes for malicious software, viruses, incorrectly configured firewalls, and outdated operating systems. Gaps in the security situation are identified and then the risks are prioritised according to their impact on business processes as well as other components, Schuler explains.

A minimum level of appropriate precautions is now required by many insurance companies and also lawmakers, and failure to implement this may lead to hefty fines, Schuler notes.

Christian Koehl Germany