Sider Center becomes Italy’s leading distribution network

Italian purchasing group Sider Center, which counts 22 independent distributors and service centres, is expanding. Ten distributors from the “Iron” group will be joining the Sider Center distribution network, Kallanish learns from a source at Sider Center.

The merger, effective from 1 January, will create the largest distribution network in the country with a total of 42 warehouses covering the north, centre and south of Italy. The ten companies migrating from the Iron purchasing group to Sider Center are Sidernestor, Cicero Francesco, Colacchio Filippo, Comfer, Elle Erre, Ferro Umbria, Fiordigiglio Alfonso, Siderurgica Nunziata, Sider Cisterna, Zega Commerciale.

The new expanded network, boasting approximately €300m ($355m) of turnover, will have the strength to compete on the domestic market but also on the global arena, the sources adds.