SMS upgrades Celsa medium sections mill

Germany’s SMS Group is to upgrade Spanish long steel supplier Celsa’s medium sections mill at its Castellbisbal plant, Kallanish learns from the plant maker.

Celsa has agreed a contract with SMS to replace its existing cooling bed with a new, higher-capacity one. The engineering company will also upgrade the compact roller straightener (CRS), making it capable of straightening heavier products, as well as modify the existing electrical and automation systems.

“The new cooling bed will come with an aerosol cooling system that will boost the cooling efficiency and, consequently, the mill’s productivity,” says SMS. The new equipment includes a turning device designed to turn I and H beams through 90 degrees into or out of the upright position, the German company adds.

The installation of the straightening equipment is expected to be completed this summer, while the commissioning of the new cooling bed is expected in mid-2021.

The project will enable the company to add the new product sizes HEA and HEB 600 beams to its portfolio and further enhance its production efficiency.

Celsa’s steel production facilities in Castellbisbal comprise an electric arc furnace meltshop, bar rolling and wire rod mills, as well as medium sections mill. The annual production capacity of the plant is 2.4 million tonnes.