SSAB implements layoffs at Finnish sites

SSAB says it has completed negotiations regarding temporary layoffs initiated by its Finland business unit in June. Layoffs of varying duration will take place starting in September, Kallanish learns from a statement sent upon request.

Continued weak market conditions for construction-related products caused the group to initiate what it called “change negotiations” at its Finnish sites in Hämeenlinna and Kankaanpää (see Kallanish 19 June). The negotiations concerned around 800 people in total at the two sites, excluding the pipemaking operations at Hämeenlinna. Allocation of layoffs depends on the function and development of the market and work load situation.

“During the negotiations, there has been no change in the market situation for the better, which is why we unfortunately have to implement layoffs in order to adjust the capacity and cost structure of the operations to match the predictable load situation,” says Anders Ek, SSAB Europe director responsible for production at the Hämeenlinna and Kankaanpää sites. Earlier, he noted that market conditions are especially difficult for colour-coated products for the construction industry.

SSAB employs about 4,700 people in Finland. The furloughs affect more than 700 employees at Hämeenlinna, and the entire personnel at the Kankaanpää plant.

Christian Koehl Germany