SSAB launches emissions-free steel powder

SSAB is advancing its line of steel powders by introducing the emissions-free powder product made from SSAB Zero steel, the company announces in a press release.

This new zero-emissions offering follows SSAB’s 2023 launch of conventional steel powder, Kallanish understands.

“This is a game-changer in the world of 3D-printed steel,” says Johnny Sjöström, executive vice president and head of SSAB special steels. “SSAB has already proven it’s possible to produce steel without carbon dioxide emissions. Now we’re merging emission-free steel with powder technology to enable sustainable 3D-printed design with unlimited imagination.”

According to the company’s statement, SSAB’s Zero product is steel made from recycled scrap using fossil-free energy sources. This, the company explains, results in “virtually zero emissions from the steelmaking process.” Zero was launched at a commercial scale in 2023.