SSC 247TailorSteel plans second site in Netherlands

Service centre group 247TailorSteel will expand further in the Netherlands with a second production location, in Oud Gastel, near Roosendaal.

The plant will be set up in an existing building located in the industrial zone there. The premises will first be renovated to bring it in line with the concept of 247TailorSteel, the company notes. Renovation activities have already started and the location is expected to be operational in the first quarter of 2023. The 25,000m2 plant will eventually employ 270 people.

The machinery will include 16 laser cutting machines, ten tube lasers and 12 bending machines. Internal logistical processes are performed by AGVs (automated guided vehicles), which automatically transport metal sheets and tubes to the support arm of laser cutting machines. In addition, solar panels have been installed on the roof of the factory. It will be the largest production location of 247TailorSteel so far.

Only in June, the company announced the establishment of its first site in Belgium (see Kallanish passim). So far, at sites in Germany and the Netherlands, the company operates more than 50 laser-cutting machines and more than 30 bending machines on a total floor area of 115,000m2. Plans are also being made for a factory in Austria and another in Germany. A total of ten production sites should be in operation by 2025, the company says.

Christian Koehl Germany