Steel trade case monitor for November 2022

Competition in the global steel markets remains fierce. Fastmarkets is therefore providing an update on potential, new, in-progress and closed anti-dumping (AD) and countervailing duty (CVD) cases; safeguards; and sanctions from around the world in November 2022.

Updated cases for November include:

1. The US issued affirmative preliminary anti-dumping determinations on hot-rolled steel from Japan and South Korea.

2. The US preliminary determination found that Turkey’s Celik Halat received countervailable subsidies during the period of review for pre-stressed concrete steel wire strand.

3. The EU may start new anti-dumping trade cases against imports of hot-rolled flat steel products because of persistently high import penetration into the EU market.

4. The US revoked Russia’s market economy status, meaning that the US can apply more stringent anti-dumping laws in any future anti-dumping/countervailing duty proceedings against Russia-origin imports.

5. The UAE approved a new policy, granting exemption from import duties to imported materials that do not exist locally, to encourage the consumption of locally produced materials.

6. The US determined that steel pipe and equipment manufacturer Hyundai RB and other companies, and non-individually examined, made sales of large diameter pipe (LDP) at prices below normal value; Hyundai Steel did not.

7. The EU imposed definitive AD duties on imports of electrolytic chromium coated steel (ECCS) originating in China and Brazil.

8. The EU initiated partial interim review of AD measures on imports of threaded tube or pipe cast fittings from China and Thailand.

9. India rolled back its export duties on steel and steelmaking raw materials.

10. The US decided that revocation of an AD order on finished carbon steel flanges from India, Italy and Spain, and a CVD order on similar materials from India, would lead to continuation of material injury to the US industry.

11. Brazil established a deadline for arguments to determine whether countervailing duties decided on in 2018 might finally be applied.

The case list includes updates only. For other continuing cases this year, see the updates for January, February to April, May to August, August, September and October.

Published by: Elina Virchenko

16 Dec 2022 @ 15:18 UTC