Thyssenkrupp executive to head German steel federation

Bernhard Osburg, ceo of thyssenkrupp Steel, will be the new president of German steel federation Wirtschaftsvereinigung (WV) Stahl as of 1 January. He will be succeeding Hans Jürgen Kerkhoff, who is retiring at the end of this year.

Osburg will be honorary president of WV Stahl for two years, the federation tells Kallanish. The change marks a departure from the former separation of the honorary title and the full-time position, WV Stahl notes, but does not give a detailed explanation of the future personnel set-up.

Kerkhoff became WV Stahl’s second managing director in 2004, with Dieter Ameling as the president and first managing director. Since Ameling’s retirement, Kerkhoff has held both top positions. In its current announcement, WV Stahl does not comment on the position of the managing director.

This also is the first time that an executive from a member company has become the nominal president of the federation.

Christian Koehl Germany