Unesid expects clearer Spanish steel picture in May

The Spanish steel sector will have a clearer picture of the impact of Covid-19 on its activity in May. This view was expressed to Spanish media by Andres Barceló, general director of the Spanish steelmakers’ association Unesid, in an interview monitored by Kallanish.

“The industry has seen both its production and raw material supplies affected,” says Barceló. “Most large steel companies in the country have had to face higher costs while output and exports have been halted for a period of nearly two weeks. The impact of these factors will be able to be evaluated with more clarity next month. It is now difficult to carry out such an assessment. The most important thing is, and continues to be, overcoming the health crisis. Once it is over, we will start with our analysis,” the Unesid president adds.

Spanish steel companies are determined to comply with all health and security measures implemented during the current epidemic. The sector has returned to work under very high security conditions throughout the supply chain, Barceló confirms.