Voestalpine delivers first ‘Greentec’ steel coils

The first coil made from CO2-reduced steel has left voestalpine’s plant in Linz, Austria, Kallanish hears from the company.

Since the end of last year, voestalpine has offered all flat steel products with a reduced carbon footprint under the “Greentec” label. Examples include electrical steel which is used in wind turbines, and high-tensile steels for lightweight automotive construction.

Carbon emissions are reduced through adjustments to the manufacturing process such as partially replacing coke with a hydrogen-based reducing agent. The CO2 savings are calculated according to the international standard ISO 14064-2. A balance model is applied to distribute the actual CO2 savings across a specific quantity of product. LQRA, a global assurance provider, examines and certifies both the CO2 reduction and the status of the balancing account.

Voestalpine’s plan for decarbonising steel production involves an incremental shift from the blast furnace route to a hybrid-electric steel pathway from 2027.

Christian Koehl Germany