Volvo says first truck manufacturer from green steel

Volvo says it will be the first truck manufacturer to introduce SSAB fossil-free steel in its vehicles, Kallanish notes.

In the third quarter, Volvo Trucks will start a small-scale introduction of fossil-free steel in its heavy electric trucks fleet.

“The first steel will be used in the truck’s frame rails, the backbone of the truck on which all other main components are mounted. As the availability of fossil-free steel increases, it will also be introduced in other parts of the truck,” Volvo observes.

Last October, Volvo showcased the first vehicle produced with fossil-free steel, after SSAB delivered it the world’s first steel made using sponge iron reduced with hydrogen.

SSAB aims to offer fossil-free steel on an industrial scale to the market from 2026 and plans to largely eliminate carbon dioxide emissions from its own operations by around the 2030.

Emanuele Norsa Italy