Acerinox implements new Industry 4.0 supply chain technology

Spanish stainless steel producer Acerinox says that has begun a change in its supply chain processes by implementing its so-called Oracle Demand Planning Cloud, the company tells Kallanish.

The project is part of Acerinox’s so-called Excellence 360° plan. This will allow the company to optimise its business in terms of production, supply chain, commercial management and purchases of raw materials by using Industry 4.0 developments.

“At Acerinox we face a global competitive environment in which efficiency in costs and operations is critical,” Acerinox`s ceo Bernardo Velázquez says. The plan, relying on Oracle Cloud technology, will result in a general improvement in terms of competitiveness and efficiency. The technology will also contribute visibility to the business and flexibility to the decision-making throughout the supply chain, aligning itself to the behaviour of the market in real-time, he adds.

The Oracle Demand Planning Cloud is based on statistical algorithms that generate a precise forecast for each customer and makes it possible to plan the demand for all product and regions.

The project is in partnership with Minsait, a company involved in digital transformation and technologies in Spain and Latin America.