Agenda 2024

Upcoming Events

05.03.2024: EUROMETAL Steel Day & YISAD Flat Steel Conference, Istanbul

11.04.2024: EUROMETAL Presidency Meeting, Santiago de Compostela

11-12.04.2024: EUROMETAL Steel Net Forum Iberia, Santiago de Compostela

15-19.04.2024: Wire & Tube 2024, Düsseldorf

22-23.04.2024: Metal Expert Eastern Europe Conference, Krakow

25.04.2024: EUROMETAL Steel Seminar, Luxembourg

15-16.05.2024: EUROMETAL Steel Day, Zürich

23.05.2024: EUROMETAL SSC Arbeitskreis, Gera

03-04.06.2024: EUROMETAL Meeting Nordics, Oslo

12-13.06.2024: Kallanish Europe Steel Markets, Milan

26-27.06.2024: Green Steel World and Hydrogen Tech World Expo & Conference, Essen

14.10.2024: Metal Expert 8th Steel Plate Conference Europe, Düsseldorf

17.10.2024: Kallanish Flat Steel 2024, Istanbul

22-25.10.2024: EuroBLECH, Hannover

calendar 2024

EUROMETAL evolved to become even more member oriented service provider, gathering all operators of the steel intermediation chain: National Federations, International Associations, Steel Service Centers, Steel Distributors, Steel Traders, World Steel Supply Chain Operators and Associated Steel Stakeholders.

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Use Natural Resources Integrated Services And Solutions For Industry

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