Dillinger plate supplies world’s largest offshore wind farm

© Tony Moran / Shutterstock

Now that the final wind turbine has been installed at Hornsea One, the world’s largest offshore wind farm is about to be commissioned. Dillinger Hütte has supplied 99,000 tonnes of heavy plate for the monopile foundation structures.

Hornsea One is the first wind farm in the world with a capacity of more than 1GW, Kallanish hears from operator company Ørsted. It generates enough wind power annually to supply well over 1 million homes in the UK with green electricity.

Located 120km off the east coast of the UK, Hornsea One is further from the mainland than any other offshore wind farm completed to date. The park contains a total of 174 7MW wind turbines and covers an area of 407 km2. The towers have a height of 190 metres, with rotor blades that are 75m long, and a rotor diameter of 154m.

The thermomechanically rolled heavy plate ranges from 30-90mm in thickness.