SSC Schütz commissions new processing lines

German steel service centre Schütz GmbH in Selters, North Rhine Westphalia, has commissioned a new slitting line and cut-to-length line for high-strength steel strip.

Both processing lines were supplied and commissioned by Heinrich Georg Maschinenfabrik. The new slitting line – a replacement of an older one and a key asset of the facility – slits high-grade strip which has to comply with extremely exacting surface quality specifications, the plantbuilder tells Kallanish.

The line, among other things, produces slit strip that is processed into protective sheet and boxes for packaging solutions manufactured by Schütz, for intermediate bulk containers (IBC), for example. It can produce a maximum of 40 slit coils from up to 1,840mm wide and up to 4mm thick strip. It can process strips with strengths of up to 1,400 N/mm².

The cut-to-length features a high-capacity leveller with automatic cartridge change system and an eccentric shear which cuts continuously, in other words without a looping pit. It is designed to cut sheets between 500 and 6,000mm in length from strip between 0.4 and 3mm thickness and between 400 and 1,650mm width. The line speed is up to 80 m/minute in automatic mode. It can handle strip strengths of up to 800 N/mm².