New Kaltenbach.Solutions innovation and test center in operation 

In order to reliably meet the increased demand for digital solutions to implement the goals of Industry  4.0, Kaltenbach.Solutions GmbH has moved into new premises near Düsseldorf. Here, the hardware  components for the universally applicable digital measuring device BoosterBOX are developed, tested  and configured. The innovation and test center can produce around 5,000 measuring devices annually  for customers in the manufacturing industry.  

First and foremost, creativity and innovation are needed to solve the pressing problems of the  present. Throughout the millennia, it has been true that the discovery of new methods and tools  initiates the great developmental steps of mankind. Valentin Kaltenbach’s family of entrepreneurs  has been living this philosophy for generations for the benefit of its customers. Five years ago, the  mechanical engineering graduate founded Kaltenbach.Solutions GmbH exclusively for the  implementation of Industrie 4.0. His goal is to use the tools of digitization to sustainably increase the  performance of machines in the manufacturing industry. This goes hand in hand with the careful use  of limited resources such as operating resources, energy consumption and employees.  

In order to continue to exist on the market as a leading provider of digital solutions in the future, it  became necessary to expand the company’s capacities in the area of Research & Development. At the  beginning of the year, the Kaltenbach.Solutions test and innovation center therefore moved to larger  premises near Düsseldorf. Here, the hardware components for the universally applicable digital  measuring device BoosterBOX 4.0 are developed, tested and configured. These include IoT gateways,  communication modules, measurement and sensor modules, and automatic configuration and test  stations. The new site is designed for the production of 5,000 BoosterBOXes per year. Due to the  growing demand for electronic components, investments have already been made in recent months  to establish reliable supply chains.

This ensures that all components are available to meet the rapidly  growing demand for digital solutions for the processing industry.