365 Days of Steel: exploring the endless tapestry of Steel in Construction, Design and Art

The book ‘365 days of steel’ takes readers through the fascinating history of steel in construction, design & art.

Over the past 140 years, architects, engineers, designers and sculptors have exploited the qualities of this unique material in their projects. Strong yet light, sometimes imposing but just as often light-footed, steel offers a designer endless possibilities. From Richard Serra’s sculptures and Charlotte Perriand’s furniture to Daniel Burnham’s first skyscrapers and Calatrava’s elegant bridges: all are wonderful examples of the versatility of steel.

This richly illustrated book invites you on a 365-day journey full of inspiring examples and interesting anecdotes about well-known and lesser-known projects. This book is an asset for anyone who would like to know more about the many reasons why designers have enthusiastically embraced and applied steel.

‘365 days of steel’

Author: Bruno Dursin

The book is the logical consequence of 365 posts on LinkedIn shared from 9 April 2022 to 8 April 2023.

For a year, every day one page on the application of steel in construction, design & art. Each of those examples show the versatility of this wonderful material that offers endless possibilities. I hope readers will be equally fascinated and amazed by how architects, engineers, designers and artists have gone about working with steel.

The book will be out on 8 March 2024 and costs €49 (incl. VAT) + €9.50 postage (within Europe).


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