Acciaierie d’Italia applies retroactive energy surcharge

Italian steelmaker Acciaierie d’Italia is implementing an energy surcharge that will be applied retroactively, Kallanish learns from a source within the company.

Electricity and gas costs are strongly impacting producers’ margins in Italy as the country is completely dependent on energy imports. Last week, most Italian mills idled their hot-end areas mostly due to the escalating cost of gas as a result of the war in Ukraine, Kallanish notes.

Acciaierie d’Italia will apply the energy surcharge on all contracts agreed before 10 March. The surcharge will be calculated based on the average between the gas price at the time of the order and the gas price at the time of shipping.

Another major European producer told its clients this month it is applying additional energy surcharges to contracts already agreed and other flat product makers are mulling similar retroactive increases.

Natalia Capra France