Acerinox applies temporary layoff scheme in Spain

Spanish-headquartered stainless steel producer Acerinox will implement a temporary lay-off scheme for the workforce at its Cádiz unit, Kallanish learns from the company’s employee council.

The decision comes amid high energy costs in Spain, which are making production costlier.

“Acerinox will apply a Temporary Employment Regulation system (ERTE) to the workers of the Los Barrios plant for up to 15 days from 1 September,” workers’ representatives say. The temporary lay-off scheme includes the entire workforce of the steel mill, hot rolling and hot annealing, except for personnel that provide services in the port terminal. The scheme will allow for staff to be adapted to existing production demand at all times.

Acerinox will pay a partial supplement of up to 85% to its workforce to limit the possible decrease in wages during the time not worked, the employee council confirms.

Todor Kirkov Bulgaria