Acerinox evaluates decarbonisation technologies for Los Barrios plant

Acerinox and Técnicas Reunidas have agreed to jointly develop a plan for the decarbonisation process at the stainless steel producer’s Los Barrios plant in Cádiz, Kallanish notes. 

“The project will identify the decarbonisation technologies that are most suitable for each industrial sub-process, with special attention to electrification from renewable energies, green or blue hydrogen, bioenergies, or carbon capture and storage,” Acerinox explains. The plan aims to anticipate the new regulatory requirements by the EU.

“Based on the analysis, a roadmap will be designed, including medium and long-term objectives, to which the investment schedule to be assumed by Acerinox to achieve its decarbonisation objectives shall be adjusted,” the company comments. The schedule will be based on technological and business maturity criteria for each technology, as well as on the optimisation of Acerinox investment.

The Los Barrios plant has an annual production capacity exceeding 1 million tonnes of steel.

Técnicas Reunidas’ business is mainly focused on engineering projects, natural gas production and processing. It also includes the development of industrial plants for clean fuels and the promotion of advanced low-carbon technologies, such as green hydrogen, CO2 capture and waste recovery. The company has a presence in 25 countries.

Todor Kirkov Bulgaria