Algeria strengthens position as longs supplier to Europe

Algeria became one of the main origins of long product imports into Europe in 2022 thanks to recent developments in its domestic steel industry, as well as the need for European buyers to substitute imports from Russia and Belarus.

According to the latest Eurofer numbers, Algeria supplied some 400,000 tonnes of long products into Europe last year. The main products imported were rebar (280,000t) and wire rod (120,000t).

Until 2020, Algerian sales into Europe were non-existent. In 2021, supply surpassed 200,000t. The increasing trend could continue this year as imports from Belarus and Russia remain sanctioned and Algerian mills are further expanding their commercial ties in Europe.

The two main suppliers of long products from Algeria into Europe are Tosyali Algerie and Algerian Qatari Steel (AQS), which have recently boosted their capacity.

Up until 2020, Europe was one of the main suppliers of steel to Algeria, mainly of long products. In 2014, European steelmakers exported almost 5 million tonnes of finished steel products to Algeria; in 2022, exports fell to little more than 200,000t, of which long products accounted for only 50,000t, Kallanish notes.

A European trader active in the region confirms that the only European suppliers of steel into Algeria currently are the Italians, who are able to sell mainly small merchant bar in the market. Other products historically imported such as rebar and sections are now produced locally by Algerian steelmakers and re-rollers.

Emanuele Norsa Italy