Aperam pushes up February alloy surcharges

French stainless steel producer Aperam has increased its February alloy surcharges for its austenitic range of flat stainless steels for Europe by another €100/tonne ($112) on average versus January. This comes on top of the €100/t increases announced each for December and January, Kallanish notes.

The surcharge for grade 304 (1.4301) has gone up from €2,427/t to €2,519/t effective 1 February. For grade 316 it has increased from €3,643/t to €3,791/t. Grade 309S, a heat-resistant stainless steel used in high-temperature applications, has also seen its value increase from €3,267/t to €3,409/t. The surcharge for the most popular ferritic grade, 409, however, has gone down from €922/t in January to €898/t in February, the company reveals.

Offers for nickel cash buyers reached $20,925/t on 31 December and went up to $23,500/t on 24 January, Kallanish notes.

Natalia Capra France