Appliance maker expands green steel deal with Salzgitter

BSH (Bosch Siemens Hausgeräte) has signed another memorandum of understanding with Salzgitter Flachstahl to source green steel from a new production route from 2025.

Europe’s largest home appliance manufacturer has already been sourcing quantities of green steel from Salzgitter’s strip unit since 2021 (see Kallanish 17 September 2021). That steel is being used to produce mounting brackets for washing machines at the BSH plant in Lodz, Poland.

The new MoU between the two companies provides for large volumes of green steel from 2025 for the European market, with increases each year. The steel will be produced by means of the new hydrogen-based production route SALCOS – Salzgitter Low CO2 Steelmaking. This means that carbon emissions in production will be reduced gradually by some 95% by 2033, Salzgitter says.

BSH has set itself a sustainability target for 2030. “We intend to reduce our indirect Scope 3 carbon emissions resulting from the purchase of raw materials and parts and through use of home appliances,” says BSH chief operating officer Lars Schubert. “We are also closely examining how to improve processes over which we have no direct control – for example, the production of materials that we use for our appliances.”

Christian Koehl Germany