ArcelorMittal becomes steel powder supplier

ArcelorMittal is entering into the additive manufacturing market (ADM) as a steel powder supplier, the company tells Kallanish. The steelmaker is building an industrial-scale inert gas atomiser in Avilés, in Spain, to produce high-quality steel powders for multiple additive manufacturing technologies.

The output will be supplied by the Group’s new business unit, ArcelorMittal Powders.

“From our facility in Spain, we will offer a range of steel powders tailored to our customers’ needs,” says ArcelorMittal Powders chief executive Colin Hautz. “This technology … not only allows us to think about changes in the design and manufacturing process of many parts and components we use today, but also exploit one of the inherently sustainable characteristics of steel, its recyclability.”

The atomiser, which will produce powders from scrap steel and use renewable energy, is expected to be operational in January. It will have a large batch-size production capability of 200kg to 3 tonnes, and an initial annual capacity of 1000t.

ArcelorMittal’s so-called AdamIQ brand will include 316L, 430L, 17-4PH stainless steel, tool steels (H11, H13, M300) and low alloy steels. Products will be mainly supplied to the aerospace, military, automotive, medical, and energy sectors.

ArcelorMittal Powders will add further steel powder products for customers to test in 2024, the company concludes.

Todor Kirkov Bulgaria