ArcelorMittal demonstrates carbon capture technology at Dunkirk

ArcelorMittal is installing the first large-scale carbon capture and CO2 storage DMX module demonstrator at its French Dunkirk site. The equipment, built by French engineering company ETCI, includes a 22-meter-tall tower that will be connected to the mill.

“This unit will be able to capture around 4,400 tonnes of CO2 per year to treat blast furnace gases at the ArcelorMittal plant and will demonstrate the potential of this technology. The ‘3D’ project is expected to play a major role in enabling industries with high energy consumption and high CO2 emissions, such as steel production, to reduce their emissions,” ArcelorMittal explains in a note seen by Kallanish.

The project is the result of a partnership of 11 firms in six different countries, including research centres, engineering and energy companies, such as ArcelorMittal, Axens, IFPEN, TotalEnergies, AirProduct and John Cockerill.

The project aims at demonstrating the effectiveness of the carbon capture and storage process on an industrial scale.

ArcelorMittal is also considering decarbonising its French facilities by using the direct reduced iron route. The company is working with Air Liquide to develop a DRI and hydrogen connected carbon capture and storage facility at Dunkirk (see Kallanish 17 March 2021).

Natalia Capra France