ArcelorMittal expands Magnelis production in Spain

ArcelorMittal says it will expand coated steel production after concluding the upgrade of galvanizing line No.1 at its Avilés plant in Spain, Kallanish learns from the company.

The project included enabling the line for production of “Magnelis”, the firm’s product with an anti-corrosion metallic coating. The plant has been producing this at galvanizing line No.2 since 2017.

“We began large-scale production at line No.1, after several months of work to adapt the facility and an important series of tests to validate the product,” the company says. “The investment places the Avilés plant as one of the Group’s main Magnelis manufacturing units.”

The new corrosion resistance steel products, whose characteristic is a composition coating with a higher content of aluminium and magnesium, come in 2-3.5mm thicknesses, something that was not feasible at line No.2.

ArcelorMittal plans to double the volume of Magnelis produced in Asturias. Since its inauguration in 2017, the No.2 line’s cumulative output has exceeded 500,000 tonnes.

ArcelorMittal thus expects to meet most demand for Magnelis in the Iberian market. This specific product is mainly supplied to the solar energy sector for the construction of photovoltaic park infrastructure. Magnelis offers a substantially lower environmental impact than that of alternative materials, ArcelorMittal claims.

Todor Kirkov Bulgaria