ArcelorMittal extends sheet piling services in Europe

ArcelorMittal is expanding its sheet piling services for various types of applications, Kallanish learns from the company.

For water transport and deep maritime infrastructure such as quay walls and breakwaters, it is lining up its so-called HZ-M combined wall systems, AS 500 circular cells, and AMLoCor corrosion-resistant steel grades. The steelmaker claims that these grades of steel reduce the effect of corrosion by up to 5 times. The product has been used at the enlargement of the port of Køge in Denmark, it says.

For dykes and flood protection requiring short installation times, the widest sheet piles available, AZ-800 can be used. The reduction in installation time is due to the increased size of the piles, ArcelorMittal says.

The company also highlights that steel sheet piles are an option for transport infrastructure when building bridges, underpasses, underground car parks, foundations, retaining walls or noise barriers. Low-vibration installation techniques help delivering projects faster, saving costs and minimising the impact on the community. Building permanent bridge abutments with steel sheet piles reduces disturbance from traffic and achieves up to 15% in cost savings over the lifetime of the structure, according to the company.

Sheet piling may also be used for environmental protection purposes such as landfill deployment, soil remediation, riverbed cleaning operations, or pollution containment. In combination with sealant AKILA, they provide impervious enclosures suitable for contact with drinking water. Such a system already helps to protect the largest water treatment plant in Paris, the steelmaker confirms.